Provided by: nzbget_20.0+dfsg-1_amd64 bug


       nzbget - binary news file grabber


              nzbget [switches]

       -h, --help
              Print this help-message

       -v, --version
              Print version and exit

       -c, --configfile <file>
              Filename of configuration-file

       -n, --noconfigfile
              Prevent  loading  of  configuration-file  (required  options  must  be  passed with

       -p, --printconfig
              Print configuration and exit

       -o, --option <name=value> Set or override option in configuration-file

       -s, --server
              Start nzbget as a server in console-mode

       -D, --daemon
              Start nzbget as a server in daemon-mode

       -V, --serverversion
              Print server's version and exit

       -Q, --quit
              Shutdown server

       -A, --append <nzb-file>
              Send file to server's download queue

       -C, --connect
              Attach client to server

       -L, --list
              [F|G|O|S|H] Request list of downloads from server

       F      list individual files and server status (default)

       G      list groups (nzb-files) and server status

       O      list post-processor-queue

       H      list history

       S      print only server status

       -P, --pause
              [D|D2|O|S]  Pause server:

       D      pause download queue (default)

       D2     pause download queue via second pause-register

       O      pause post-processor queue

       S      pause scan of incoming nzb-directory

       -U, --unpause [D|D2|O|S]
              Unpause server:

       D      unpause download queue (default)

       D2     unpause download queue via second pause-register

       O      unpause post-processor queue

       S      unpause scan of incoming nzb-directory

       -R, --rate <speed>
              Set download rate on server, in KB/s

       -T, --top
              Add file to the top (beginning) of queue (for using with switch --append)

       -K, --category <name>
              Assign category to nzb-file (for using with switch --append)

       -G, --log <lines>
              Request last <lines> lines from server's screen-log

       -W, --write <D|I|W|E|G> "Text" Send text to server's log

       -S, --scan
              Scan incoming nzb-directory on server

       -E, --edit [G|O|H] <action> <IDs> Edit items on server

       G      Affect all files in the group (same nzb-file)

       O      Edit post-processor-queue

       H      Edit history

              <action> is one of:

              Move file(s)/group(s)/post-job in queue relative to current position, offset is  an
              integer value

       T      Move file(s)/group(s)/post-job to top of queue

       B      Move file(s)/group(s)/post-job to bottom of queue

       P      Pause file(s)/group(s)/ Postprocess history-item(s) again

       U      Resume (unpause) file(s)/group(s)

       A      Pause all pars (for groups)

       R      Pause extra pars (for groups)/ Return history-item(s) back to download queue

       D      Delete file(s)/group(s)/post-job(s)/history-item(s)

       K <name>
              Set category (for groups)

       N <name>
              Rename (for groups)

       M      Merge (for groups)

       O <name>=<value>
              Set post-process parameter (for groups)

       I <priority>
              Set priority (signed integer) for file(s)/group(s)

       <IDs>  Comma-separated list of file-ids or ranges of file-ids, e. g.: 1-5,3,10-22