Provided by: obexpushd_0.11.2-1.1build2_amd64 bug


       obexpush_atd - Simulate an AT modem to use obexpushd with serial lines


       obexpush_atd [-S ttyPort] [-X subOption] [-d] [-v] [-h]


       To use obexpushd over simple serial lines, obexpush_atd handles the standard AT command
       set to let programs switch to OBEX mode transparently.


           Use serial line ttyPort for input and output.

           Add additional option to submode handlers. The format for subOption is "mode,option".
           The only available mode is currently "o" for the OBEX mode, realized by obexpushd.

           Example (for enabling FBS): -Xo,-t -Xo,FTP

           Show debug output.

           Show versions.

           Show the help message.


       Hendrik Sattler <>
           conversion to docbook, all other changes

       Eugeniy Meshcheryakov <>
           texted the first version of the obexpushd manpage