Provided by: python-odf-tools_1.4.0-1_all bug


       odfmeta - List or change the metadata of an ODF file


       odfmeta [-l] [-v] [-V] [-c] [-d] [-x metafield...] [-X metafield...] [-a metafield...]
               [-A metafield...] [-I metafield...] [-o path] path


       odfmeta is a program that will list or change the metadata in an OpenDocument file. This
       is useful for version control systems. You can change title, keywords, description etc.

       “Path” is assumed to be an OpenDocument file of text, spreadsheet or presentation type.


           List (extract) all known metadata fields.

       -v or -V
           Print the version number of the ODF document format. If you use -V it will print
           "version:" before the number for compatibility with -X. The version number can't be

           Make field values continuous by normalizing white space. Might be convenient when
           postprocessing with standard (line oriented) text utilities.

           Update the modification date to the current date and time.

       -x metafield
           Extract the contents of this metafield from the file. Known field names are
           creation-date, creator, date, description, editing-cycles, editing-duration,
           generator, initial-creator, keyword, language, print-date, printed-by, subject, title,
           user-defined. All other names are assumed to be user defined.

       -X metafield
           Same as -x, but also preserves/includes the field name.

       -a metafield
           Append a custom metafield to the metadata; but only if a similar field does not exist

       -A metafield
           Append a custom metafield to the metadata in any case.

       -I metafield
           Append a custom metafield to the metadata and remove any existing similar field.

       -o path
           Filename to write modified ODT file to. If no -o option is provided, the ODT file will
           be written to stdout.


           odfmeta -l odf-file.odt
           odfmeta -I "title:The Little Engine That Could" -A subject:I-think-I-can -o newfile.odt source.odt


       formail(1), id3tag(1)


       All known versions of keep only four <meta:user-defined> elements. If you
       add more than those, you'll loose them next time you save with KOffice
       keeps only one <meta:keyword> element.


       Søren Roug
           Original author