Provided by: oggfwd_0.2-6build1_amd64 bug


     oggfwd — pipe an Ogg stream from stdin to an Icecast server


     oggfwd [-hp] [-d description] [-g genre] [-n name] [-u URL] address port password mountpoint


     The oggfwd utility acts as a minimal source client for Icecast servers.  It reads an Ogg
     stream from stdin and forwards it to a server specified on the command line.

     The address, port, password and mountpoint arguments are mandatory and have to be given in
     that order.

   Optional command line parameters
     -d description
             Set the stream description.

     -g genre
             Set the stream genre.

     -h      Print a short usage summay.

     -n name
             Set the stream (i.e. radio) name.

     -p      Allow the stream to be made public in stream directories.

     -u URL  Set the stream URL.

     oggfwd reacts to the hangup signal, SIGHUP, by printing the amount of bytes read from stdin
     to stdout at the next given opportunity.  How fast it reacts depends on the stream's current


     To forward a public Ogg stream with the name “Test radio” to an Icecast server, one would
     pipe that stream to an oggfwd command line such as

         oggfwd -p -n "Test radio" 8000 password /stream.ogg

     Encode an Ogg Vorbis stream, dump it to disk and stream it at the same time:

         oggenc - < input.wav | tee streamdump.ogg \
             | oggfwd 8000 password /stream.ogg


     Programming by
           J^ <>
           rafael2k <>
           Moritz Grimm <>

     This manual was contributed by Moritz Grimm.


     Since the password to the Icecast server is given in clear text on the command line, other
     (local) users will probably be able to see it very easily.