Provided by: oggz-tools_1.1.1-6_amd64 bug


       oggz-rip — Extract one or more logical bitstreams from an Ogg file.


       oggz-rip [-o filename  | --output filename ] filename

       oggz-rip [-h  | --help ]  [-v  | --version ]


       oggz-rip  extracts  one  or  more  tracks  from an Ogg file.  In Ogg terminology, oggz-rip
       extracts one or more logical bitstreams.

       For example, to extract just the Vorbis audio track from any Ogg file:

       oggz-rip -c vorbis input.ogx > output.ogg

       This will remove any other tracks: Skeleton, Theora, image, etc.  The  output  will  be  a
       valid  Ogg  Vorbis  I  file,  suitable  for  use  on  hardware players that do not support
       multiplexed (ie. multi-track) Ogg files. If the input file contains multiple  Vorbis,  the
       desired  ones  can be specified by serialno with the -s option.  Use oggz-info to view the
       serialno of each track in a file.


       oggz-rip accepts the following options:

   Miscellaneous options
       -o filename, --output filename
                 Write output to the specified  filename  instead  of  printing  it  to  standard

       -h, --help
                 Display usage information and exit.

       -v, --version
                 Output version information and exit.

   Filter options
       These options can be used multiple times. Pages matching ANY of the filter options will be
       included into the output.

       -s serialno, --serialno serialno
                 Output streams with given serialno.

       -i index, --stream-index index
                 Filter by stream index. These are assigned to streams in the order of their  BOS
                 pages, starting at 0.

       -c content-type --content-type content-type
                 Filter  by  content-type.   Run  oggz-known-codecs(1)  for a full list of codecs
                 known by the installed version of oggz.


       Extract all bitstreams from file.ogg:

              oggz rip -o output.ogg file.ogg

       Extract only the Theora bitstream from file.ogv:

              oggz rip -c theora -o output.ogv file.ogv


       David Kuehling        January  1, 2005;


       Copyright © 2005 CSIRO Australia


       oggz-merge(1), oggz-chop(1), oggz-dump(1), oggz-diff(1)       hogg(1)