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       ogr_utilitiesOGR Utility Programs
        - A collection of OGR related programs.

       The following utilities are distributed as part of the OGR Simple Features toolkit:

       · ogrinfo - Lists information about an OGR supported data source
       · ogr2ogr - Converts simple features data between file formats
       · ogrtindex - Creates a tileindex
       · ogrlineref - Create linear reference and provide some calculations using it
       · ogrmerge - Merge several vector datasets into a single one

General Command Line Switches

       All GDAL OGR command line utility programs support the following 'general' options.
           Report the version of GDAL and exit.
           List all vector formats supported by this GDAL build (read-only and read-write) and
           exit. The format support is indicated as follows: 'ro' is read-only driver; 'rw' is
           read or write (i.e. supports CreateCopy); 'rw+' is read, write and update (i.e.
           supports Create). A 'v' is appended for formats supporting virtual IO (/vsimem,
           /vsigzip, /vsizip, etc). A 's' is appended for formats supporting subdatasets.
       --format format
           List detailed information about a single format driver. The format should be the short
           name reported in the --formats list, such as GML.
       --optfile file
           Read the named file and substitute the contents into the command line options list.
           Lines beginning with # will be ignored. Multi-word arguments may be kept together with
           double quotes.
       --config key value
           Sets the named configuration keyword to the given value, as opposed to setting them as
           environment variables. Some common configuration keywords are SHAPE_ENCODING (force
           shapefile driver to read DBF files with the given character encoding) and CPL_TEMPDIR
           (define the location of temporary files). Individual drivers may be influenced by
           other configuration options.
       --debug value
           Control what debugging messages are emitted. A value of ON will enable all debug
           messages. A value of OFF will disable all debug messages. Another value will select
           only debug messages containing that string in the debug prefix code.
           Gives a brief usage message for the generic GDAL OGR command line options and exit.