Provided by: ola_0.10.7.nojsmin-1ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       ola_usbpro - Configure Enttec USB Pro Devices managed by OLA.


       ola_usbpro -d <dev_id> [--serial | -p <port> --g | -p <port> -b <brk> -m <mab> -r <rate>]


       ola_usbpro is used to query and control the parameters of Enttec USB Pro devices.


       -a, --assignments
              Get the port assignments.

       -b, --brk <break>
              Set the break time (9 - 127).

       -d, --device <device>
              Id of the device to control.

       -g, --get-params
              Get the current parameters.

       -h, --help
              Display the help message

       -l, --log-level <int8_t>
              Set the logging level 0 .. 4.

       -m, --mab <man>
              Set the make after-break-time (1 - 127).

       -p, --port <port>
              The port to configure.

       -r, --rate <rate>
              Set the transmission rate (1 - 40).

       -s, --serial
              Get the serial number.

       -v, --version
              Display version information

              Send to syslog rather than stderr.

              Disable the use of epoll(), revert to select()

              Disable the use of kqueue(), revert to select()

       --scheduler-policy <policy>
              The thread scheduling policy, one of {fifo, rr}.

       --scheduler-priority <priority>
              The thread priority, only used if --scheduler-policy is set.


   See the current parameters of port 0 of device 9:
       ola_usbpro -d 9 -p 0 --get-params

   See the port assignments of device 9:
       ola_usbpro -d 9 --assignments

   Set the packet rate of port 0 of device 9 to 40 packets/s:
       ola_usbpro -d 9 -p 0 -r 40

   See the serial number of device 9:
       ola_usbpro -d 9 --serial


       olad(1), usbpro_firmware(1),

                                            July 2013                               ola_usbpro(1)