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       olib - OrCAD(tm) library part to gEDA .sym converter


       olib filename prefix


       olib  is  a  simple  automated  converter  from OrCAD v4 (in SDT version 1.10) ASCII parts
       library to gEDA component definition in  .sym  format  file.  It  allow  an  initial  dumb
       conversion  file  to file, with one lib converted in multiple .sym file, one per component
       in library.  The converted component file may need a little editing to become usable,  but
       in  some  case  needs no editing at all.  olib will write one file per part in the current

       olib will:

       ·      Convert box-shaped components in OrCAD lib to .sym file in gEDA format;

       ·      Place pin, pin name, pin type, pin number;

       ·      Place logic bubble when needed (DOT attribute in OrCAD (TM), for logic negation);

       ·      Place clock arrow when needed (CLK attribute);

       ·      Place reference, from REFERENCE statement in OrCAD;

       ·      Place part name as label and device name as attribute;

       ·      Parse and draw non-box component, with LINE, ARC, CIRCLE and TEXT;

       ·      Add power  pin  as  invisible  net=name:pin  attribute  when  detected  (in  OrCAD,
              invisible pin has typically T0 and B0 coords);

       ·      Through a command line switch, hides pin name in VECTOR drawn symbols, for a better

       ·      Write both new (post-20020825) and  old  (20020209)  file  format  for  .sym  files
              through a switch on the command line;


              The  OrCAD  library to convert. This should have been previously converted to ASCII
              format using the OrCAD 'decomp' utility.

       prefix The prefix used to generate the filenames of the output gEDA symbols e.g.   prefix-


       olib has the following limitations:

       ·      olib  will  not  parse  and store alternate component drawing (statement CONVERT in

       ·      olib will not handle drawing part using VECTOR list from  another  part  (statement
              VECTOR 'partname' in OrCAD);

       ·      olib will not handle FILL statement in VECTOR statement (no equivalent in gEDA);

       ·      olib will not handle multiple part in one package (slots in gEDA).


       Mario Pascucci <>




       Copyright © 1999-2011 gEDA Contributors.  License GPLv2+: GNU GPL
       version 2 or later.  Please see the `COPYING' file included with this
       program for full details.

       This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
       There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.