Provided by: ori_0.8.1+ds1-3ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       orifs - Ori File System FUSE Driver


       orifs [OPTIONS...] MOUNTPOINT


       orifs is the FUSE driver for the Ori distributed file system.

       Currently,  orifs  is  crash  consistent  up until the last snapshot. Users should run ori
       snapshot to guarantee data is saved persistently.  When recovering from a crash  the  tool
       reports  an  error  message  explaining  where  unsaved  data is located and how it may be
       recovered.  You can destroy the unsaved data by using the ori cleanup command.  In  future
       releases this bug will addressed.


              Specify  the  path to the underlying repository.  This parameter is optional and by
              default orifs will search for a file system with the same name as the mount point.

              Replicate the file system from the specified repository.

              Used in conjunction with --clone  to  specify  a  shallow  replica  of  the  remote

              Used  in  conjunction  with  --clone to specify a non-caching replica of the remote

              Disable multithreading on FUSE.

              Enable debugging mode with verbose output.  The file system will run  much  slower,
              but is useful for reporting crashes.


       The  file  system  can be controlled by the command line interface.  Running commands from
       anywhere inside the mounted file system should  allow  the  command  line  to  detect  and
       communicate  with  the  file  system.   Not  all  commands are supported on a running file
       system, and some hidden  commands  for  debugging  or  are  not  recommended.   Additional
       commands will be added in future releases.


       ori(1), ori_httpd(1)