Provided by: osdclock_0.5-24_amd64 bug


       osd_clock - X on-screen clock displayer


       osd_clock [OPTION]... [+FORMAT]


       Display date/time information on screen.

       -f FONT
              Set font.

       -c COLOR
              Set color.

       -d DELAY
              Sets  the  delay  (in  seconds) that the clock is exposed.  Useful if combined with

       -F FORMAT
              This option specifies the format to be used to output the date.  See 'strftime(3)'.

       -i INTERVAL
              This specifies the interval between displays.  Default is 1 (display every second).

       -H INTEGER
              The "chimes per hour" count overrides -i. Default is 0 (no effect).

              The time will be displayed this  many  times  each  hour  (notwithstanding  signals
              interrupting sleep, and leap seconds). The first display of the hour will be on the
              hour exactly. Use -H 4 for a display at 0, 15, 30 and 45 minutes past.

       -s SHADOW
              This option sets the shadow depth.  Default 2.

       -t     locate clock at top left (default: bottom left).

       -b     locate clock at bottom left (default).

       -o OFFSET
              This option specifies the offset from the top or  bottom  of  screen  the  text  is
              displayed. The default is 0.  Useful to move above or below panels or applets.

       -h, --help
              display this help and exit


       The per-hour mode may fire up to one second late, or worse if the system is busy.


       Jon Beckham <>
       Martijn van de Streek <>
       Nathan Walp <>


       It is distributed under the GNU General Public License.