Provided by: osgearth_2.10.0+dfsg-1build1_amd64 bug


       osgearth_overlayviewer - debug the overlay decorator capability in osgEarth


       osgearth_overlayviewer [--sky | --ocean | --kml file.kml | --coords |
                              --dms | --dd | --mgrs | --ortho | --autoclip | --images path |
                              --image-extensions * | --out-earth]


       osgearth_overlayviewer  is  a  utility  for  debugging the overlay decorator capability in
       osgEarth. It shows two windows, one with the normal view of the map and another that shows
       the bounding frustums that are used for the overlay computations.

              Path to the earth file

       --sky  Installs a SkyNode (sun, moon, stars and atmosphere..globe only)

              Installs a sample ocean surface node

       --kml file.kml
              Loads a KML or KMZ file

              Displays map coords under mouse

       --dms  Displays map coords as degrees/mins/seconds

       --dd   Displays map coords as decimal degrees

       --mgrs Displays map coords as MGRS

              Installs an orthographic camera projection

              Installs an automatic clip plane handler

       --images path
              Finds images in [path] and loads them as image layers

       --image-extensions *
              With --images, only considers the listed extensions

              With --images, writes out an earth file

                                         05 January 2019                osgearth_overlayviewer(1)