Provided by: ossim-core_2.6.2-1_amd64 bug


       ossim-autreg - ossim-autreg


       ossim-autreg [option]... [input-option]... -img_1 <input-file 1> -img_2 <input-file 2>


       Available  traces: -T "ossimAutRegUtil:debug"   - General debug trace to standard out.  -T
       "ossimAutRegUtil:log"       -   Writes   a    log    file    to    output-file.log.     -T
       "ossimAutRegUtil:options" - Writes the options to output-file-options.kwl.

       Description: ossim-autreg: Utility application for autonomous image registration.


              Will disable the elevation

              Takes  an  argument.  Arguments  are ALL, WARN, NOTICE, INFO, FATAL, DEBUG.  If you
              want multiple disables then just do multiple --disable-notify on the command  line.
              All argument are case insensitive.  Default is all are enabled.

              Will disable the plugin loader

              <file_path> Specify a keyword list oax configuration file.

              <file_path> Specify a keyword list OpenCV configuration file.

              takes  a  logfile  as  an  argument.   All  output  messages  are redirected to the
              specified log file.  By default there is no log file and all messages are enabled.

              <quality> NOT WORKING... Desired quality of tiepoint collection.  Range:  1  to  5,
              Default = 3

              <latitude>  <longitude>  <radius_in_meters>  Specify  the  center  ROI  in latitude
              longitude space with radius in meters.

              <latitude>  <longitude>  <width>  <height>  Specify  the  center  ROI  in  latitude
              longitude space with width and height in pixels.

       -K     specify individual keywords to add to the preferences keyword list: name=value

       -P     specify a preference file to load

       -T     specify  the classes to trace, ex: ossimInit|ossimImage.*  will trace ossimInit and
              all ossimImage classes

       -h or --help
              Display this help and exit.

       NOTES: 1) Note 1 content

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       2) Note 2 content

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       Example commands:

       // Co-register image1 and image2 with 512x512 ROIs centered on  point:  ossim-autreg  --op
       coreg   --img_1   image1.ntf   --img_2   image2.ntf  --roi-center-llwh  28.097255037664400
       -80.630762190246145 512 512

       // Register image2 to control image1 (master):  (TBD...  not  working)  ossim-autreg  --op
       masreg -img_m image1.ntf -img_s image2.ntf -cfg configFile.kwl

       //  Above  command  where  all  options  are  in  a  keyword  list: ossim-autreg --options


       The full documentation for ossim-autreg is maintained as a Texinfo manual.   If  the  info
       and ossim-autreg programs are properly installed at your site, the command

              info ossim-autreg

       should give you access to the complete manual.