Provided by: ossim-core_2.6.2-1_amd64 bug


       ossim-cli - OSSIM CLI Utility


       ossim-cli <command> [command options and parameters]

       ossim-cli --spec <command-spec-file>

       ossim-cli --version

       ossim-cli help <command> -- To get help on specific command.


       ossim-cli provides an interface to all utilities derived from ossimTool.

       Available commands:

              bandmerge -- Merges multiple band files into a single RGB image.

              hillshade  --  Computes  shaded  representation  of  input  elevation  surface with
              specified lighting parameters.

              hlz -- Computes bitmap of helicopter landing zones given ROI and DEM.

              info -- Dumps metadata information about input image and OSSIM in general.

              ortho -- Utility for orthorectifying and reprojecting image data.

              shoreline -- Computes bitmap of water versus land areas in an input image.

              slope -- Utility for computing the slope at each elevation post  and  generating  a
              corresponding slope image.

              subimage  --  Tool for extracting a sub-image from a full image. No reprojection is
              done. Presently, the subimage geometry is represented by an RPC  replacement  model
              until generic models can support subimage chipping.

              vertices  -- Utility for determining the active image corner vertices inside larger
              null-filled image rectangle.

              viewshed -- Computes bitmap image representing the viewshed from specified location
              using only DEM information.