Provided by: ostree_2019.1-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       ostree-admin-unlock - Prepare the current deployment for hotfix or development


       ostree admin unlock [OPTIONS...]


       Remove the read-only bind mount on /usr and replace it with a writable overlay filesystem.
       This default invocation of "unlock" is intended for development/testing purposes. All
       changes in the overlay are lost on reboot. However, this command also supports "hotfixes",
       see below.


           If this option is provided, the current deployment will be cloned as a rollback
           target. This option is intended for things like emergency security updates to
           userspace components such as sshd. The semantics here differ from the default
           "development" unlock mode in that reboots will retain any changes (which is what you
           likely want for security hotfixes).