Provided by: ostree_2019.1-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       ostree-admin-upgrade - Construct new tree from current origin and deploy it, if it changed


       ostree admin upgrade [OPTIONS...]


       Downloads the latest version of the current ref from the build server and deploys it, if
       it changed. Reboot the machine for the changes to take effect. These phases can be split
       via --pull-only and --deploy-only.


           Use a different operating system root than the current one.

           Only perform a pull into the repository; do not create a deployment. This option can
           hence safely be used in a background scheduled job with the assurance of not changing
           system state.

           Create a new deployment from the latest commit in the tracked origin refspec. This
           option is intended to be used by a scheduled system that detected changes via
           --pull-only, and is ready to deploy them.

           Reboot after a successful upgrade.

           Permit deployment of chronologically older trees.

           Deploy CHECKSUM instead of the latest tree.


       $ ostree admin upgrade

                   No update available.