Provided by: ostree_2019.1-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       ostree-ls - List file paths


       ostree ls [OPTIONS...] {COMMIT} [PATHS...]


       Prints a list of file paths within the given commit, and within the given path(s) if
       specified. The first letter of the file line output specifies the type: "-" for regular
       file, "d" for directory, "l" for symbolic link. See EXAMPLE section for more detail on the
       specific output.


           Do not recurse into directory arguments.

           Print directories recursively.

           Print checksum.

           Print extended attributes.

           Print only filenames, NUL separated.


       $ ostree ls my-branch

                   d00644 0 0    0 /
                   -00644 0 0    2 /helloworld.txt
                   d00755 0 0    0 /testdirectory

       Here, the first column is the file-type symbol (as explained in the DESCRIPTION section)
       followed by the S_IFMT file type. The next two columns (here: 0 0) are respectively the
       user ID and group ID for the file. After the break, the next number represents that file's
       standard size. The final column is the file path.