Provided by: ostree_2019.1-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       ostree-refs - List refs


       ostree refs [OPTIONS...] [PREFIX]

       ostree refs {EXISTING} {--create=NEWREF}


       Lists all refs available on the host. If specified, PREFIX assigns the refspec prefix;
       default prefix is null, which lists all refs. This command can also be used to create or
       delete refs.


           For historical reasons, refs without this option will strip the specified prefix from
           the output. Normally, one wants to see the full ref, so providing this option ensures
           the refs are printed in full, rather than truncated.

           Create a ref pointing to the commit EXISTING. NEWREF must not already exist, and
           EXISTING must be an existing commit. More than one ref can point to the same commit.

           Delete refs which match PREFIX, rather than listing them. If you are trying to reclaim
           space, you will then need to ostree prune or ostree admin cleanup.

       --alias, -A
           If used with --create, create an alias. Otherwise just list aliases.

       --collections, -c
           Enable interactions with refs using the combination of their collection IDs and ref
           names. When listing refs, this changes the output format to include collection IDs,
           and enables listing remote mirrored refs.

           When creating refs, the refspec value passed to the --create option is treated as
           COLLECTION-ID:REF-NAME and a mirrored ref is created. (This is an abuse of the refspec

           When deleting refs, all refs whose collection ID equals PREFIX are deleted.


       $ ostree refs