Provided by: ostree_2019.1-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       ostree-remote - Control remote repository configuration


       ostree remote add [OPTIONS...] {NAME} {URL} [BRANCH...]

       ostree remote delete {NAME}

       ostree remote show-url {NAME}

       ostree remote list [OPTIONS...] {NAME}

       ostree remote gpg-import [OPTIONS...] {NAME} [KEY-ID...]

       ostree remote refs {NAME}

       ostree remote summary [OPTIONS...] {NAME}

       ostree remote add-cookie {NAME} {DOMAIN} {PATH} {COOKIE_NAME} {VALUE}

       ostree remote delete-cookie {NAME} {DOMAIN} {PATH} {COOKIE_NAME} {VALUE}

       ostree remote list-cookies {NAME}


       Changes remote repository configurations. The NAME refers to the name of the remote.

       The BRANCH arguments to the add subcommand specifies the configured branches for the
       remote. See the branches section in ostree.repo-config(5) for more information.

       The gpg-import subcommand can associate GPG keys to a specific remote repository for use
       when pulling signed commits from that repository (if GPG verification is enabled).

       The GPG keys to import may be in binary OpenPGP format or ASCII armored. The optional
       [KEY-ID] list can restrict which keys are imported from a keyring file or input stream.
       All keys are imported if this list is omitted. If neither --keyring nor --stdin options
       are given, then keys are imported from the user's personal GPG keyring.

       The various cookie related command allow management of a remote specific cookie jar.


           Set config option KEY=VALUE for remote.

           Disable GPG verification.

           Import one or more GPG keys from a file.

           Equivalent to ostree remote gpg-import --keyring=FILE.

           Set the collection ID for the remote to a value provided by the repository owner,
           which allows refs from this remote to be shared peer to peer.


       -u, --show-urls
           Show remote URLs in list


       -k, --keyring=FILE
           Import one or more keys from a file.

           This option may be repeated to import from multiple files, but may not be used in
           combination with --stdin.

           Import one or more keys from standard input.

           This option may not be used in combination with --keyring.


           Show raw variant data


       $ ostree remote show-url local