Provided by: otb-bin_6.6.1+dfsg-1build1_amd64 bug


       otbcli_SampleSelection - OTB SampleSelection application


       This  is  the  SampleSelection  application, version 5.6.0 Selects samples from a training
       vector data set.

       Complete documentation:

       -progress <boolean>
              Report progress

        -in                      <string>         InputImage  (mandatory)
        -mask                    <string>         InputMask  (optional, off by default)
        -vec                     <string>         Input vectors  (mandatory)
        -out                     <string>         Output vectors  (mandatory)
        -instats                 <string>         Input Statistics  (mandatory)
        -outrates                <string>         Output rates  (optional, off by default)
        -sampler                  <string>          Sampler  type  [periodic/random]  (mandatory,
       default value is periodic)
        -sampler.periodic.jitter  <int32>           Jitter  amplitude   (optional, on by default,
       default value is 0)
        -strategy                          <string>                   Sampling           strategy
       [byclass/constant/smallest/all] (mandatory, default value is smallest)     <string>         Number of samples by class  (mandatory)
        -strategy.constant.nb    <int32>          Number of samples for all classes  (mandatory)
        -field                    <string>          Field Name  (optional, on by default, default
       value is class)
        -layer                   <int32>          Layer Index  (optional, on by default,  default
       value is 0)
        -ram                      <int32>          Available RAM (Mb)  (optional, off by default,
       default value is 128)
        -rand                    <int32>           set  user  defined  seed   (optional,  off  by
        -inxml                    <string>         Load otb application from xml file  (optional,
       off by default)


       otbcli_SampleSelection  -in  support_image.tif  -vec  variousVectors.sqlite  -field  label
       -instats apTvClPolygonClassStatisticsOut.xml -out resampledVectors.sqlite