Provided by: otb-bin-qt_6.6.1+dfsg-1build1_amd64 bug


       otbgui_ContrastEnhancement - OTB ContrastEnhancement application


       This is the Contrast Enhancement (ContrastEnhancement) application, version 6.4.0

       This  application is the implementation of the histogram equalization algorithm. It can be
       used to enhance contrast in an image or to reduce the dynamic of the image without  losing
       too  much  contrast.  It  offers several options as a no data value, a contrast limitation
       factor, a local version of the algorithm and also a mode to equalized the luminance of the


       -in                  <string>         Input Image  (mandatory)

       -out                           <string>           [pixel]           Output           Image
       [pixel=uint8/uint16/int16/uint32/int32/float/double] (default value is float) (mandatory)

       -bins  <int32>          Number of bin  (mandatory, default value is 256)

       -hfact <float>          Contrast Limitation  (optional, off by default)

              <float>          Nodata Value  (optional, off by default)

              <string>         Spatial parameters for the  histogram  computation  [local/global]
              (mandatory, default value is local)

              <int32>          Thumbnail height in pixel  (mandatory, default value is 256)

              <int32>          Thumbnail width in pixel  (mandatory, default value is 256)

              <string>          Minimum  and maximum definition [auto/manuel] (mandatory, default
              value is auto)
              <boolean>        Global  (optional, off by default)

              <float>          Minimum  (optional, off by default)

              <float>          Maximum  (optional, off by default)

       -mode  <string>         What to equalized [each/lum] (mandatory, default value is each)
              <group>          Red Channel
              <int32>          Red Channel  (mandatory, default value is 0)
              <float>          Value for luminance  computation   (mandatory,  default  value  is
              <group>          Green Channel
              <int32>          Greenen Channel  (mandatory, default value is 1) <float>
              Value for luminance computation  (mandatory, default value is 0.71)
              <group>          Blue Channel
              <int32>          Blue Channel  (mandatory, default value is 2)
              <float>           Value  for  luminance  computation   (mandatory, default value is

       -ram   <int32>          Available RAM (Mb)  (optional, off by default,  default  value  is

       -inxml <string>         Load otb application from xml file  (optional, off by default)

              <boolean>        Report progress

       -help  <string list>    Display long help (empty list), or help for given parameters keys

       Use -help param1 [... paramN] to see detailed documentation of those parameters.


       Local contrast enhancement by luminance

       otbgui_ContrastEnhancement  -in  couleurs.tif  -out  equalizedcouleurs.tif float -bins 256
       -spatial.local.w 500 -spatial.local.h 500 -mode lum