Provided by: otb-bin-qt_6.6.1+dfsg-1build1_amd64 bug


       otbgui_MultiImageSamplingRate - OTB MultiImageSamplingRate application


       This is the MultiImageSamplingRate application, version 5.8.0 Compute sampling rate for an
       input set of images.

       Complete                                                                    documentation:

              <boolean>        Report progress

        -il                   <string list>    Input statistics  (mandatory)
        -out                  <string>         Output sampling rates  (mandatory)

              <string>          Sampling  strategy  [byclass/constant/smallest/percent/total/all]
              (mandatory, default value is smallest)
              <string list>    Number of samples by class  (mandatory)

       -strategy.constant.nb <string>
              Number of samples for all classes  (mandatory)

              <string>         The percentage(s) to use  (mandatory)
              <string>         The number of samples to generate  (mandatory)

       -mim   <string>         Multi-Image Mode [proportional/equal/custom]  (mandatory,  default
              value is proportional)

       -inxml <string>         Load otb application from xml file  (optional, off by default)


       otbgui_MultiImageSamplingRate   -il   stats_1.xml  stats_2.xml  -out  rates.csv  -strategy
       smallest -mim proportional