Provided by: otf-trace_1.12.5+dfsg-4_amd64 bug


       otfprofile - otfprofile


              otfprofile - Generate a profile of an OTF trace in LaTeX format.

              Syntax: otfprofile -i <input file name> [options]


       -h, --help
              show this help message

       -V     show OTF version

       -v     increase output verbosity (can be used more than once)

       -i <file>
              specify the input trace name

       -p     show progress

       -f <n> max. number of filehandles available per rank (default: 50)

       -b <size>
              set buffersize of the reader (default: 1048576)

       -o <prefix>
              specify the prefix of output file(s) (default: result)

       -g <n> max. number of process groups in LaTeX output (range: 1-16, default: 16)

       -c, --cluster do additional clustering of processes/threads

       --cluster-alg <alg>
              set comparison algorithm for clustering to "KMEANS" or "CLINKAGE" (default: KMEANS)

       -s <prefix>
              call  otfshrink to apply the cluster mapping to input trace and produce a new trace
              named <prefix> with symbolic links to the original (implies -c)

       -H     use hard groups for CLINKAGE clustering (implies --cluster-alg CLINKAGE)

       -q <0-1>
              quality threshold for CLINKAGE clustering (implies --cluster-alg CLINKAGE, default:

       -d, --disp <options>
              do  additional  analysis  of  irregularities  using  various  output  options to be
              specified in a comma-separated list possible values are:

       filter create VampirTrace filter rules from analysis information,

       info   add information of irregularities to PDF output,

       marker add marker information to trace file

              (implies --tex, default: info)

       --disp-mode <mode>
              set profiling level  within  the  analysis  to  "per-function"  or  "per-call-path"
              (default: per-function)

       --disp-reduction <percentage>
              set percentage of call-paths to be filtered.  (default: 15)

       --disp-filter <file>
              name of the previous filter file that will be added to the new filter file

       -M, --csv-msg-matrix
              write communication matrix in CSV file (implies --csv)

       -S, --csv-msg-size
              write message length statistics in CSV file (implies --csv)

       --stat read only summarized information, no events

              enable/disable producing CSV output (default: disabled)

              enable/disable producing LaTeX output (default: enabled)

              PDF     creation     requires     the     PGFPLOTS     package     version     >1.4