Provided by: paexec_1.1.0-1_amd64 bug


       paargs - wrapper for paexec similar to xargs


       paargs [OPTIONS] <command> <args>


       paargs is a simple wrapper over paexec that simplifies use of paexec's capalities. The use
       of paargs is actually very similar to xargs. paargs runs paexec with the following options
       enabled by default:

       ·   -C -- for specifying command as free arguments,

       ·   -x -- for being xargs-like,

       ·   -l -- 0-based task number is included to the output of paargs, this allows to reorder
           the sliced output,

       ·   -e -- for the same purposes as -l,

       ·   -g -- this flag allows analysis of command's exit status,

       ·   -md= -- disables task delimiter for -g mode enabled by default, as a result the whole
           line given on input is considered as a task.


       -h  Display this help.

       -V  Display version.

       -P nodes
           Same as -n in paexec.

       -t transport
           Passed directly to paexec.

       -c command
           Command with its arguments. By default, free arguments are used for setting command
           and its arguments.

       -I replstr
           Execute command for each task, replacing one or more occurrences of replstr with the
           entire task.

       -X  Passed directly to paexec.

       -f  Flushes stdout after recieving an end-of-task line.

       -0  Passed directly to paexec.

       -Z timeout
           Passed directly to paexec.

       -z  Passed directly to paexec.

       -m arg
           Passed directly to paexec.


       Please send any comments, questions, bug reports etc. to me by e-mail or (even better)
       register them at sourceforge project home.  Feature requests are also welcomed.



SEE ALSO paexec(1)

                                            2018-08-06                                  paargs(1)