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       parcat - cat files or fifos in parallel


       parcat file(s)


       GNU parcat reads files or fifos in parallel. It writes full lines so there will be no
       problem with mixed-half-lines which you risk if you use:

          (cat file1 & cat file2 &) | ...


   Do be done
         mkfifo slot-{1..5}-digit-{0..9}
         parallel -j5 'seq 100000 | grep {} > slot-{%}-digit-{}' ::: {0..9} &
         parallel parcat slot-{1..5}-digit-{} '>' digit-{} ::: {0..9}


       GNU parcat is part of GNU parallel. Report bugs to <>.


       Copyright (C) 2016 Ole Tange, and Free Software Foundation, Inc.


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       GNU parcat uses Perl.


       cat(1), parallel(1)