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       Parchives - Archive Manager for MATE


       parchives [OPTIONS...] [FILES...]


       Parchives  is  the  official  archive  manager  for  the MATE Desktop Environment, it is a
       graphical front-end to archiving utilities such as tar and zip.  It  is  a  fork  of  File

       Parchives supports most common operations such as creating, modifying and extracting files
       from an archive. You can also view the contents of an archive  and  open  files  contained
       within the archive.

       This manual page briefly documents the parchives command.


              Specifies the archive file to open when parchives starts. If this is not specified,
              parchives will start with a blank window and you may open an archive from the  menu
              or by using the shortcut CTRL+O.

       -a, --add-to=ARCHIVE
              Add files to the specified archive and quit the program

       -d, --add FILE
              Add files asking the name of the archive and quit the program

       -e, --extract-to=FOLDER
              Extract archives to the specified folder and quit the program

       -f, --extract
              Extract archives asking the destination folder and quit the program

       -h, --extract-here
              Extract archives using the archive name as destination folder and quit the program

              Default folder to use for the '--add' and '--extract' commands

              Create destination folder without asking confirmation

              X display to use.

       -?, --help
              Print standard command line options.

              Print all command line options.

       This program also accepts the standard GTK options.


       parchives -h matelivecd.iso
           Extract matelivecd.iso to ./matelivecd in the current working directory.

       parchives ./matelivecd/* -a matelivecd.tar.gz
           Create  a  new gzip compressed tarball archive named matelivecd.tar.gz, containing all
           the files located in the ./matelivecd directory.

       parchives matelivecd.tar.gz
           Open matelivecd.tar.gz to view and manipulate its contents.


   Should you encounter any bugs, they may be reported at:


   Parchives   is   written   by   Paolo    Bacchilega    <>    and    Perberos
   This Man Page has been updated/re-written for the MATE Desktop Environment by:
       Stefano Karapetsas <> (2014)
       Adam Erdman <> (2014)


       This  manual  page  was  originally  written  for  the  Debian  Project  by Sven Arvidsson
       <>, for File Roller. (2007)


   Parchives documentation can be found from the "Help" menu, or by pressing the F1 key.
       Further information may also be available at: