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       paw-demos - run PAW demonstrations


       paw-demos [options] [example_num [test_num]]


       paw-demos  is a script to run the demonstrations of PAW in the paw-demos package.  It will
       create  a  demo  directory   (by   default   $HOME/paw-demos),   copy   the   demos   from
       /usr/share/paw-demos  to  this  directory,  and  run  them.   Both  examples and tests are

       example_num is the  number  of  the  example  to  start  with;  examples  are  skipped  if
       example_num  > 31.  test_num is the number of the test to start with; tests are skipped if
       test_num > 8.  Note that the first example is numbered 1 but the first test is numbered 0.


              Run demos in batch mode; output to PostScript.   The  resulting  output  files  are
              placed into a "linux" subdirectory of the demo directory.

              Clean  the  demo  directory  given by the --dir option (or the default directory if
              --dir is not given).   This  option  causes  example_num,  test_num,  --batch,  and
              --driver to be ignored.

       --dir dir
              Specify the directory in which to run the PAW demos, relative to $HOME.  If it does
              not already exist, it will be created and the demos copied to it from the directory
              /usr/share/doc/paw-demos/examples.  The default is $HOME/paw-demos.

       --display display
              Specify  the  display  to  use.   The  default is the current value of the $DISPLAY
              environment variable.

       --driver driver
              Specify a graphics driver.  Available options are "X11" for  pawX11  and  "++"  for

       --help Show a summary of options.


       /usr/share/paw-demos contains the PAW demonstrations.
       $HOME/paw-demos is the default directory in which to run the demos.


       paw(1), paw++(1)


       This  manual page and the paw-demos script that it describes were written by Kevin McCarty
       <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used  by  others).   The
       demos themselves were written by various PAW contributors.


       (C) Copyright Kevin McCarty, 2003.

                                          April 23, 2003                             PAW-DEMOS(1)