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       pbespgsolve - Solve a (P)BES or parity game using a parity game solver


       pbespgsolve [OPTION]... [INFILE]


       Reads  a  file containing a (P)BES or a max parity game in PGSolver format,instantiates it
       into a BES, and applies a parity game solver to it. If INFILE  is  not  present,  standard
       input is used.


       OPTION can be any of the following:

       -C, --cycle
              Eliminate cycles

       -iFORMAT, --in=FORMAT
              use  input  format  FORMAT:  'pbes'  PBES  in  internal  format 'pbes_text' PBES in
              internal textual format 'text' PBES in textual (mCRL2) format 'bes' BES in internal
              format 'bes_text' BES in internal textual format 'cwi' BES in CWI format 'pgsolver'
              BES in PGSolver format

       -L, --loop
              Eliminate self-loops

       -g, --onlygenerate
              Only generate the BES without solving

       -QNUM, --qlimit=NUM
              limit enumeration of quantifiers to NUM variables.  (Default  NUM=1000,  NUM=0  for

       -rNAME, --rewriter=NAME
              use  rewrite  strategy  NAME:  'jitty'  jitty rewriting (default) 'jittyc' compiled
              jitty rewriting 'jittyp' jitty rewriting with prover

       -c, --scc
              Use scc decomposition

       -sNAME, --solver-type=NAME
              Use the  solver  type  NAME:  'spm'  Small  progress  measures  (default)  'altspm'
              Alternative   implementation  of  small  progress  measures  'recursive'  Recursive

              append timing measurements to FILE. Measurements are written to standard  error  if
              no FILE is provided

       -e, --verify
              Verify the solution

       Standard options:

       -q, --quiet
              do not display warning messages

       -v, --verbose
              display short intermediate messages

       -d, --debug
              display detailed intermediate messages

              display intermediate messages up to and including level

       -h, --help
              display help information

              display version information


       Written by Maks Verver and Wieger Wesselink; Michael Weber.


       Report bugs at <>.


       Copyright © 2014 Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.
       This  is  free  software.   You may redistribute copies of it under the terms of the Boost
       Software License <>.  There is  NO  WARRANTY,  to  the
       extent permitted by law.


       See also the manual at <>.

pbespgsolve mCRL2 toolset 201409.0 (ReleasNovember 2017                            PBESPGSOLVE(1)