Provided by: perl-byacc_2.0-8_amd64 bug


       pbyacc - an LALR(1) parser generator


       pbyacc [ -CPcdlrtv ] [ -b file_prefix ] [ -p symbol_prefix ] filename


       pbyacc  reads the grammar specification in the file filename and generates an LR(1) parser
       for it.  The parsers consist of a set of LALR(1)  parsing  tables  and  a  driver  routine
       written  in  the C or Perl programming languages.  pbyacc normally writes the parse tables
       and the driver routine to the file, using the C programming language.

       The following options are available:

              -b file_prefix
                     The -b option changes the prefix prepended to the output file names  to  the
                     string denoted by file_prefix.  The default prefix is the character y.

              -C or -c
                     Use the C programming language (default).

              -d     The -d option causes the header file to be written (or, for

              -l     If the -l option is not specified, pbyacc will insert  #line  directives  in
                     the  generated  code.  The #line directives let the C compiler relate errors
                     in the generated code to the user's original code.   If  the  -l  option  is
                     specified,  pbyacc  will  not insert the #line directives.  #line directives
                     specified by the user will be retained.

              -p symbol_prefix
                     Change the prefix in symbols in the generated code to the string denoted  by
                     symbol_prefix  rather  than  the default of "yy".  Only symbols generated by
                     pbyacc are affected. Symbols in the definition and user subroutine  sections
                     are not changed.

                     The  symbol_prefix  can  contain  upper  or lower case letters, digits, or _
                     (underline or underscore). It must start  with  either  an  underline  or  a
                     letter and must contain at least one lower case letter.

                     All  lower case letters in the symbol prefix will be converted to upper case
                     letters when defined values or typedefs are generated.

                     For example, if '-p ftp_' is specifed on the pbyacc command line:

                          │ old symbol  │  new symbol  │
                          │ YYABORT     │  FTP_ABORT   │
                          │ YYACCEPT    │  FTP_ACCEPT  │
                          │ YYBYACC     │  FTP_BYACC   │
                          │ YYDEBUG     │  FTP_DEBUG   │
                          │ YYSTYPE     │  FTP_STYPE   │
                          │ yyabort     │  ftp_abort   │
                          │ yyerrok     │  ftp_errok   │
                          │ yylex       │  ftp_lex     │
                          │ yylval      │  ftp_lval    │
                          │ yyparse     │  ftp_parse   │
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