Provided by: pcb-rnd_2.1.1-1_amd64 bug


       pcb-strip - remove sections of a pcb file


       pcb-strip [options] [inputfile]


       pcb-strip  removes sections of a pcb file. If inputfile is specified, the file is modified
       in-place, else pcb-strip reads from STDIN and writes the result to STDOUT.


       -s     Remove symbols (the font). The pcb file stops being  self-containing,  pcb-rnd  (or
              pcb)  will  load  and  apply  the  default font when the file is loaded. Useful for
              reducing the file size for test input and example files where font  correctness  is
              not required.

       -a     Remove board attributes. Useful for deleting local configuration

                                            2016-12-27                               pcb-strip(1)