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       pdal - PDAL application


       pdal <options>
       pdal <command> <command options>


       PDAL  contains  consists  of  a  single  application,  called  pdal.  The pdal application
       currently has the following subcommands:

       · delta

       · density

       · diff

       · ground

       · info

       · merge

       · pcl

       · pipeline

       · random

       · split

       · tindex

       · translate

       · view

       Applications are run by invoking the pdal application along with the command name:

       $ pdal info myfile.las
       $ pdal translate input.las output.las
       $ pdal pipeline --stdin < myxml.xml

       Help for each command can be retrieved via the --help switch.  The --drivers and --options
       switches can tell you more about particular drivers and their options:

       $ pdal info --help
       $ pdal translate --drivers
       $ pdal pipeline --options writers.las

       Additional  driver-specific  options may be specified by using a namespace-prefixed option
       name.  For example, it is possible to set the LAS day of year at translation time with the
       following option:

       $ pdal translate \
           --writers.las.creation_doy="42" \
           input.las \


              Driver specific options can be identified using the pdal info--options invocation.

       See ⟨⟩ for more detail.


              Sets the output level to 3 (option deprecated)

       -v, --verbose
              Sets the output level (0-8)

              List available drivers

       -h, --help
              Display help text

              List available commands

              Show program version

       --options=<driver name>
              Show options for specified driver (or 'all')

                                         05 January 2019                                  pdal(1)