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       perlprimer - graphically specify amplicon of DNA or mRNA sequences and design primers




       PerlPrimer  calculates primer melting temperature using J. SantaLucia's extensive nearest-
       neighbour thermodynamic parameters.  To  adjust  for  the  salt  conditions  of  the  PCR,
       PerlPrimer  uses  the empirical formula derived by von Ahsen, et al. (2001) and allows the
       user to specify the concentration  of  Mg2+,  dNTPs  and  primers,  or  use  standard  PCR
       conditions.  The  result  is  a  highly accurate prediction of primer melting temperature,
       giving rise to a maximum yield of product when amplified.   PerlPrimer is written in  Perl
       and  requires  Perl/Tk.  In addition, for QPCR functionality PerlPrimer requires the open-
       source Spidey  executable  from  NCBI.  The  program  is  designed  to  be  cross-platform
       compatible and has been developed and tested on both Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux-based
       operating systems. Users have also reported success using the program under Mac OS X.


        A very nice tutorial on is also distributed as a debian
       package perlprimer-doc.


       perlprimer was written by Owen Marshall <>

       This manual page was assembled by Steffen Moeller <>, for the Debian
       project (but may be used by others).

                                          6 January 2005                            PERLPRIMER(1)