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       persepolis - Persepolis Download Manager


       persepolis --link [<URI>] [<OPTIONS>]


       Persepolis Download Manager is a feature-full utility for easier and faster downloads with
       aria2.  It support HTTP(S) & FTP.Persepolis configures  aria2  automatically  for  maximum
       speed  and  it  has a GUI for the ease of use.  You can adjust start time and end time for
       downloads.Persepolis can shutdown or suspend  or  hibernate  the  system  after  download.
       Persepolis is Compatible with Firefox flashgot plugin.


   Basic Options
       --link Your Download link.(Use "" for links)

              $ persepolis --link ""

              Set  an  http  referrer  (Referer). This affects all http/https downloads.  If * is
              given, the download URI is also used as the referrer.

              Set cookie

              Set user  agent  for  HTTP(S)  downloads.   Default:  aria2/$VERSION,  $VERSION  is
              replaced by package version.

              Append HEADER to HTTP request header.

       --name The file name of the downloaded file.

              Restore default settings.

              Clear download list and user setting!

       --tray Persepolis  starts  in  tray  icon.  It's useful when you want to put persepolis in
              system's startup.

              Showing persepolis version.

       --help Persepolis help.

       MORE HELP
              for configuration with  firefox  flashgot  please  see  file  on  github




       AliReza AmirSamimi

       Github page

       PersepolisDM Telegram Channel