Provided by: pfstools_2.1.0-3build4_amd64 bug


       pfsinyuv - Read frames from a single .yuv file used by many video codecs


       pfsinyuv  [--verbose] [--quiet] [--width] [--height] [--colorspace] [--noguess] [--chroma-
       subsampling] [--bit-depth] [--frames] [--help] <file>


       Use this command to read an uncompressed yuv file into a pfsstream.

       <file> may contain one or more formatting strings, which describe the format  of  the  yuv
       file. The formating strings are:

       %s     The           entire           description          in          the          format
              <width>x<height>_<fps><bitdepth>_<colorspace>_<chroma-format>,     for      example

       %d     Width in pixels

       %d     Height in pixels

       %d     Bit-depth in bits

       %s     Colorspace, such as 'bt709'

       %s     Chroma subsampling format, either '444' or '420'


       --width, -w
              Specify the width in pixels of the YUV file

       --height, -h
              Specify the height in pixels of the YUV file

       --fps, -f
              Specify the frames per second of the YUV file

       --bit-depth, -b
              Bit-depth of the integer values stored in the yuv file. A single color component is
              stored as a byte if bit-depth is 8, or as two bytes otherwise. Default: 10 [bits]

       --chroma-format, -s
              Specify the chroma format of the YUV file. Can be one of:

              444 Standard 4:4:4 YCbCr format, with no chroma downsampling]

              420 4:2:0 YCbCr format, with both colour channels downsampled by half

       --colorspace, -c Currently it can be either:

              pq2020 for HDR images with BT.2020 colorspace and PQ transfer function, or

              bt709 for LDR images in BT.709 (rec.709) colorspace without any  transfer  function

              hlg2020 for HDR images with BT.2020 colorspace and HLG transfer function.

       If  no  option  is  specified,  colorspace  is  inferred  from  the  LUMINANNCE tag in the
       pfsstream: pq2020 if LUMINANCE is ABSOLUTE or RELATIVE, bt709 if LUMINANCE is DISPLAY.

       --no-guess, -n
              Don't try to extract image metadata from the filename

       --frames, -r
              Read only frames within the range specified as first:last, or first:step:last.  The
              frames are indexed from 1, so that the to read the first and second frame one needs
              to specify 1:2.

       --verbose, -v
              Print extra information to stderr.

       --quiet, -q
              Disable warning message about the change in handling absolute values in RGBE files.
              See IMPORTANT NOTE below.


       pfsinyuv video_1920x1080_10b_25fps_pq2020_444.yuv --frames 100:-1:0 -v | pfsview





       Please   report   bugs   and   comments   on   implementation   to  the  discussion  group