Provided by: pfstools_2.1.0-3build4_amd64 bug


       pfsout  -  Read  pfs  frames  from  stdin  and  write them in the format determined by the
       extension of the file name


       pfsout pfsout <file> [<file>...]


       This command can be used to write pfs frames piped to standard input in one of the several
       recognized  formats.  The  proper  format  is determined by the extension of the give file
       name. To get a list of recognized formats and extensions, execute:

         pfsin --help

       This command  is  a  front-end  for  pfsout*  programs  for  writing  images:  pfsoutrgbe,
       pfsoutexr,  etc.  Based  on  the  file  extension, appropriate program is executed. If two
       different file format are given as parameters, two different program  for  writing  images
       are executed. Additional options starting with dash '-' can be passed to pfsout* programs.
       The following rules apply for passing the options: the options given before any image file
       name  (or  %d  pattern) are passed to all pfsout* programs. Options given after image file
       name are only passed to the program executed for that file(s). Note also that  all  option
       that  take  an  argument  (except --frames) must given in the form --option=value, that is
       without a space between an option and its argument.


        pfsin memorial.tiff | pfsout memorial.hdr

              Converts from one HDR format to another




       This command currently does not handle multiple frames given with a %d pattern in case  of
       LDR formats: JPEG, PNG, PNM.

       Please   report   bugs   and   comments   on   implementation   to  the  discussion  group