Provided by: pfstools_2.1.0-3build4_amd64 bug


       pfspanoramic - Perform projective transformations of spherical images


       pfspanoramic  <source  projection>+<target  projection>  [--width  <val>] [--height <val>]
       [--oversample <val>] [--interpolate] [--xrotate <angle>]  [--yrotate  <angle>]  [--zrotate


       Transform   spherical   maps  between  various  projections.  Currently  polar  (latitude-
       longitude), angular (light probe), mirrorball and cylindrical are  supported.  The  syntax
       for   specifying   the   transformation   is   source_projection+target_projection,  where
       source_projection is the current mapping that source image uses and  target_projection  is
       the  projection  you'd  like  it to be transformed to. If the projection has some optional
       parameters, you can specify them with syntax:  <source  projection>/<argument>/...+<target

       As  of now only angular supports a parameter - angle - which defines how many degrees from
       the viewing direction the projection should cover, e.g. angular+angular/angle=180 converts
       angular image to show only half of a hemisphere around the viewing direction.


       --width <val>, -w <val>

       --height <val>, -h <val>

              Make  the  target  image respectively <val> pixels wide and/or high. If only one is
              specified, the other is computed from the target projection's  typical  W/H  ratio.
              If  neither  is  specified,  the width is taken from the source image and height is
              computed as above.

       --oversample <val>, -o <val>

              Oversample each target pixel <val>x<val> times, improving quality in areas that are
              scaled  down  with respect to the source image. Reasonable values are 2 to 5, while
              setting it higher may make the reprojection unbearably slow.

       --interpolate, -i

              Use bilinear interpolation when sampling the source  image.  Increases  quality  in
              magnified areas.

       --xrotate <angle>, -x <angle>

              Rotate the spherical image <angle> degrees around X axis.

       --yrotate <angle>, -y <angle>

              Rotate the spherical image <angle> degrees around Y axis.

       --zrotate <angle>, -z <angle>

              Rotate the spherical image <angle> degrees around Z axis.


       pfsin grace_probe.hdr | pfspanoramic angular+polar -i -o 3 -y 90 -w 500 | pfsout grace.hdr

              Transform  grace  angular  map  to  polar  (latitude-longitude) projection applying
              bilinear interpolation and 3x3 oversampling, while rotating it by 90 degrees around
              Y  axis.  The  image will be resized to 500x250 pixels (as the polar projection has
              2:1 width-to-height ratio) and finally saved in grace.hdr.


       pfsin(1) pfsout(1)


       Please report bugs and comments to Miloslaw Smyk <>.