Provided by: php-robmorgan-phinx_0.9.2-1_all bug


     phinx — PHP database migration tool


     phinx -V | --version

     phinx [-hnqv] [--help] [--no-interaction] [--quiet] [--verbose] [--[no-]ansi] [further
           options] command [arg ...]


     The phinx utility assists with using the Phinx database migration tool.  This manual page is
     only an introduction for the utility written for Debian (but may be used by others) and not
     a substitute for its interactive help facility or the official documentation; the closest to
     a documentation for this utility is probably here:

     In general, phinx operates by calling a subcommand, which may or may not have their own
     (optional or required) options and arguments, in additions to a few global options, which
     are as follows (the descriptions were taken straight from the utility's on-line help

     -h, --help
             Display the on-line help.

     -n, --no-interaction
             Do not ask any interactive question.

     -q, --quiet
             Do not output any message.

     -V, --version
             Show the application version and immediately exit (do not run any subcommand).

     -v, --verbose
             Increase the verbosity of messages.  This option may be passed up to three times to
             increase verbosity: once for normal output, twice for more verbose output, and
             thrice for debugging output.

     --ansi, --no-ansi
             Force or disable, respectively, ANSI escape coloured output.

     The subcommands are as follows:

     breakpoint   Manage breakpoints
     create       Create a new migration
     help         Displays help for a command
     init         Initialise the application for Phinx
     list         Lists commands
     migrate      Migrate the database
     rollback     Rollback the last or to a specific migration
     seed:create  Create a new database seeder
     seed:run     Run database seeders
     status       Show migration status
     test         Verify the configuration file

     Documentation for a specific subcommand can be retrieved with:
     $ phinx help command


     The phinx utility exits with errorlevel 255 in Debian if the package composer is not
     installed, which is an optional dependency (“Recommends”).  The status subcommand exits with
     errorlevel 0 if the database is up-to-date, 1 if there is at least one migration to execute,
     and 2 if a migration already run and recorded in the database is now missing.  Other exit
     statuses are not documented.  Please complain to upstream about this.