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       photo-upload - tool for uploading photos


       photo-upload [options] images


       This  manual  page  explains  the photo-upload program. This program is simple uploader of
       photos to minilab.


              Show program's version number and exit.

       -h, --help
              Show help message and exit.

              Display program license.

       -s SERVICE_NAME, --service=SERVICE_NAME
              Name of service to use. Use photo-upload -l to list currently available services.

       -l, --list-services
              List available services.

       -b, --open-browser
              Open order in browser after uploading.

       -B, --use-browser
              Define browser to use when opening web page.  Default  is  autodetected  by  python
              webbrowser.  You  can  also  specify any parameter to browser, the URL will be just
              appended to string you enter here and passed to shell.

       -d, --debug
              Show debugging output. This includes HTML files received from service.

       -S SESSION, --session=SESSION
              Existing session to reuse (some services won't work without existing session).


       Uploading all photos from /folder to default service and opening  web  browser  to  finish

       photo-upload -b /folder/*.jpg

       Adding one image to existing session on service:

       photo-upload -s -S f1721a19cc3c95218525a8429d48dab2 /tmp/Obraz024.jpg

       Listing currently supported services:

       photo-upload -l

       Uploading photo and opening epiphany to finish order:

       photo-upload -b -B epiphany image.jpg


       Configuration  file where default options are read. This is standard ini like format file.
       You can use same values as long options, just specify them in [photo-upload] section. Some
       services  might  also use this config file, check their documentation for details. Example
       configuration file:


       service =

       Some services require additional configuration sections, eg. with login names:

       user = name
       password = passphrase

       Some services may require specifying registration code instead of the password:

       user = name
       regcode = 575af6686afe6a0c1d

       Imageshack also allows you to choose if the image is  private  or  public,  defaulting  to
       private. To change that, specify public = yes under section.


       This program is licensed under GNU/GPL version 2.


       There are definitely many bugs, reporting to author is welcome. Please include some useful
       information when sending bug reports (eg. exception you received and debug output). Please
       submit your reports to <>.


       More       information       is       available      on      program      website:      <‐>.


       Michal Čihař <>


       2007 - 2010, Michal Čihař