Provided by: php-parser_3.1.5-1build4_all bug


       php-parse - command line interface for PHP Parser


       php-parse [operations] file1.php [file2.php ...]
       php-parse [operations] "<?php code"


       Turn PHP source code into an abstract syntax tree.

       Operations is a list of the following options (--dump by default):

       -d, --dump
              Dump nodes using NodeDumper

       -p, --pretty-print
              Pretty print file using PrettyPrinter\Standard

              Serialize nodes using Serializer\XML

              var_dump() nodes (for exact structure)

       -N, --resolve-names
              Resolve names using NodeVisitor\NameResolver

       -c, --with-column-info
              Show column-numbers for errors (if available)

       -P, --with-positions
              Show positions in node dumps

       -r, --with-recovery
              Use parsing with error recovery

       -h, --help
              Display this page

              php-parse -d -p -N -d file.php

              Dumps nodes, pretty prints them, then resolves names and dumps them again.