Provided by: phpab_1.25.3-1_all bug


       phpab - PHPAB command line interface


       phpab [switches] <directory1|file1|/path/to/composer.json> [...<directoryN|fileN>]


       phpab %development% - Copyright (C) 2009 - 2019 by Arne Blankerts and Contributors

       -i, --include
              File pattern to include (default: *.php)

       -e, --exclude
              File pattern to exclude

              Blacklist classname or namespace (wildcards supported)

              Whitelist classname or namespace (wildcards supported)

       -b, --basedir
              Basedir for filepaths

       -t, --template
              Path to code template to use

       -o, --output
              Output file for generated code (default: STDOUT)

       -p, --phar
              Create a phar archive (requires -o )

       --all  Include all files in given directory when creating a phar

              Specify explicit internal phar alias filename (default: output filename)

       --hash Force given hash algorithm (SHA-1, SHA-256 or SHA-512) (requires -p, conflicts with

              Compress phar archive using bzip2 (requires -p) (bzip2 required)

       --gz   Compress phar archive using gzip (requires -p) (gzip required)

       --key  OpenSSL key file to use for signing phar archive (requires -p) (openssl required)

       -c, --compat
              Generate PHP 5.2 compatible code

       -s, --static
              Generate a static require file

       -w, --warm
              Generate a static opcache warming file

              Add opcache reset call when generating opcache warming file

       -1, --prepend
              Register as first autoloader (prepend to stack, default: append)

       -d, --no-exception
              Do not throw exception on registration problem (default: throw exception)

       -n, --nolower
              Do not lowercase classnames for case insensitivity

       -q, --quiet
              Quiet mode, do not output any processing errors or information

       --cache <file>
              Enable caching and set filename to use for cache storage

              Enables following symbolic links (not compatible with phar mode)

              Dateformat string for timestamp

              Linebreak style (CR, CRLF or LF, default: LF)

              String used for indenting or number of spaces (default: 16 (compat 12) spaces)

              Ignore Class Redeclarations in the same file

       --once Use require_once instead of require when creating a static require file

              Do not check mimetype of files prior to parsing (default)

              Do check mimetype of files prior to parsing

       --var name=foo
              Assign value 'foo' to variable 'name' to be used in (custom) templates

       --lint Run lint on generated code and exit

              PHP binary to use for linting (default: /usr/bin/php or c:\php\php.exe)

       -h, --help
              Prints this usage information

       -v, --version
              Prints the version and exits

phpab 1development1 - Copyright (C) 2009 -February 2019 Blankerts and Contributors       PHPAB(1)