Provided by: physlock_13-1_amd64 bug


       physlock - lock all consoles / virtual terminals


       physlock [-dhLlmsv] [-p MSG]


       physlock  is  an  alternative  to  vlock,  it  is equivalent to `vlock -an'. It is written
       because vlock blocks some linux kernel mechanisms  like  hibernate  and  suspend  and  can
       therefore only be used with some limitations.

       physlock is designed to be lightweight, but highly depends on the kernels ioctl API.

       The behaviour of physlock is completely controlled via command-line arguments, it does not
       rely on environment variables.  physlock uses the utmp file to identify the owner  of  the
       current session (i.e.  active tty) and prompts for her password to unlock the computer.


       -d     Fork  and  detach  physlock before prompting for authentication. The parent process
              returns right after everything is set up, so this  option  is  useful  for  use  in
              suspend/hibernate scripts.

       -h     Print brief usage information to standard output and exit.

       -l     Only lock console switching and exit.

       -L     Only  enable  (unlock)  console  switching  and  exit.  This is useful when a prior
              instance of physlock has crashed and leaved the console switching mechanism locked.

       -m     Mute kernel messages on console while physlock is running.

       -p MSG Display MSG before the password prompt.

       -s     Disable SysRq mechanism while physlock is running.

       -v     Print version information to standard output and exit.


       Bert Muennich <ber.t at>




                                           physlock-13                                PHYSLOCK(1)