Provided by: pk4_5_amd64 bug


       pk4 - make available the Debian source package producing the specified package


       pk4 [options] package...


       pk4 resolves the specified argument(s) as either:

              1. the name of a Debian binary package, and selects its Debian source package.

              2. the name of a Debian source package, and selects it.

              3. or a file path, and selects the Debian source package of the owning package.

       The  source  package  version is either the installed version (if any) or the installation
       candidate, as per apt-cache policy.

       Then, pk4 downloads the entire selected source package (every file  referenced  by  —  and
       including — its .dsc file) and prints the output directory path.


              Whether to allow unauthenticated source packages, i.e. disable signature checking.

       -bin   Restrict search to binary packages only.

              Whether  to  return  shell  completions.  Should usually be set by shell completion
              functions only.

       -dest string
              Directory in which to store source packages (default ~/.cache/pk4).

       -file  Interpret the argument as a file name and operate  on  the  package  providing  the

              Resolve  the  provided arguments to source package and source package version, then
              print them to stdout in %s\t%s\n format and exit.

       -shell string
              Which shell to start in the output directory after downloading the source  (default

       -src   Restrict search to source packages only.

              Whether to print messages to stderr.

       -version string
              Use  the  specified  source package version (default: installed package version, or
              latest known if not installed).


              # Avail the current Linux kernel sources:
              pk4 -src linux

              # Avail the sources which produced Debian binary package libbz2-1.0
              pk4 libbz2-1.0

              # Avail the sources of whichever package currently provides vi:
              pk4 -file $(which vi)

              # Fetch the i3 source, apply a bugfix, rebuild and replace installed packages:
              pk4 i3
              patch -p1 < /tmp/myfix.patch

              # Avail all debhelper build system implementations:
              pk4 -allow_unauthenticated $(grep '^dh-*' /var/cache/pk4/completion.both.txt)
              # Grep through their sources:
              grep -r option ~/.cache/pk4/dh-*


       The following attributes can be configured in ~/.config/pk4/pk4.deb822:

       Disk-Usage-Limit bytes

              Disk-Usage-Limit: 2GiB


       The following hooks can be configured:

              after-download hooks  are  run  after  the  package  was  successfully  downloaded.

              # Automatically create a git repository for each package:
              mkdir -p ~/.config/pk4/hooks-enabled/after-download/
              ln -s /usr/share/pk4/hooks-available/after-download/git-init \

       unpack unpack  hooks  replace  the  unpack  phase: as soon as one or more unpack hooks are
              found, pk4 will run them instead of running dpkg-source -x. Examples:

              # Unpack source into a new git-buildpackage repository:
              apt install git-buildpackage
              mkdir -p ~/.config/pk4/hooks-enabled/unpack/
              ln -s /usr/share/pk4/hooks-available/unpack/gbp \


              (Re-)generate index files for pk4

              build sources and replace currently installed packages


       Michael Stapelberg <stapelberg at>