Provided by: pktools_2.6.7.6+ds-1build1_amd64 bug


       pkcreatect - program to create and import colour table to GTiff image


       pkcreatect -i input -o output [-ct colortable | -min value -max value] [options] [advanced


       pkcreatect is a utility to include a color table to a  raster  dataset.   You  can  either
       define  an  existing color table (ASCII text file) with the option -ct or define a minimum
       (-min) and maximum (-max) value.


       -i filename, --input filename
              input image

       -o filename, --output filename
              output classification image

       -ct filename, --ct filename
              colour table in ASCII format having 5 columns: id R G B ALFA (0: transparent,  255:

       -min number, --min number
              minimum value

       -max number, --max number
              maximum value


       -g, --grey
              grey scale

       -of format, --oformat format
              Output image format (see also gdal_translate(1)).

       -co option, --co option
              Creation option for output file.  Multiple options can be specified.

       -d description, --description description
              Set image description

       -v, --verbose

       Advanced options

       -l filename, --filename filename
              Create legend as png file

       -dim cols -dim rows, --dim cols --dim rows
              number of columns and rows in legend.


       Attach a color table to image with values between 0 and 50

       pkcreatect -i image.tif -o image_ct.tif -min 0 -max 50

       Attach  a  grey  scale  "color"  table to image with values between 0 and 100 and create a
       legend image (annotation needs to be drawn manually)

       pkcreatect -i image.tif -o image_ct.tif -min 0 -max 100 -l legend.tif -g

       Attach a predefined color table to image.tif.  The colortable has 5 entries for the values
       0 (black), 1 (red), 2 (green), 3 (blue) and 4 (grey)

       cat colortable.txt

       0 0 0 0 255
       1 255 0 0 255
       2 0 255 0 255
       3 0 0 255 255
       4 100 100 100 255

       pkcreatect -i image.tif -o image_ct.tif -ct colortable.txt

       Remove the color table from an image

       pkcreatect -i image.tif -o image_noct.tif -ct none

                                         05 January 2019                            pkcreatect(1)