Provided by: pktools_2.6.7.6+ds-1build1_amd64 bug


       pkfillnodata - program to fill holes in raster image


       pkfillnodata -i input -m mask -o output [options] [advanced options]


       pkfillnodata  fills  nodata  values  in  a raster dataset.  Nodata values are defined as 0
       values in the mask raster dataset.  You can use the input file as  the  mask  image  if  0
       values in the input raster have to be filled.  Per default, all bands are filled.  Use the
       option -b to fill individual band(s) in a multiband raster input image.


       -i filename, --input filename
              Input raster dataset

       -m mask, --mask mask
              Mask raster dataset indicating pixels to be interpolated (zero valued)

       -o filename, --output filename
              Output image file

       -b band, --band band
              band(s) to process (Default is -1: process all bands)

       -v level, --verbose level

       Advanced options

       -d distance, --distance distance
              Maximum number of pixels to search in all directions to find values to  interpolate

       -it iterations, --iteration iterations
              Number of 3x3 smoothing filter passes to run (default 0)

                                         05 January 2019                          pkfillnodata(1)