Provided by: pktools_2.6.7.6+ds-1build1_amd64 bug


       pkfilterascii - program to filter data in an ASCII file


       pkfilterascii -i input [-ic column] [options] [advanced options]


       pkfilterascii filters the columns defined by the option -ic.  A varietey of filters can be
       selected from with the option -f.  The  kernel  size  is  defined  with  the  option  -dz.
       Alternatively,  you  can  define your own filter tap values (use the option -tapz for each
       tap).  In case of spectral filtering, define the full width half max values (-fwhm  value)
       or spectral response functions in ASCII files (-srf filename).


       -i filename, --input filename
              input ASCII file

       -o filename, --output filename
              Output ASCII file

       -ic column, --inputCols column
              input  columns  (e.g., for three dimensional input data in first three columns use:
              -ic 0 -ic 1 -ic 2)

       -f filter, --filter filter
              filter function (to be implemented: dwt, dwti,dwt_cut)

       -dz value, --dz value
              filter kernel size in z (band or spectral dimension), must  be  odd  (example:  3).
              Set dz>0 if 1-D filter must be used in band domain

       -t, --transpose
              transpose output with samples in rows and wavelengths in cols

       -v level, --verbose level

       Advanced options

       -tapz value, --tapz value
              taps used for spectral filtering

       -fwhm value, --fwhm value
              list of full width half to apply spectral filtering (-fwhm band1 -fwhm band2 ...)

       -srf filename, --srf filename
              list of ASCII files containing spectral response functions (two columns: wavelength

       -win col, --wavelengthIn col
              column number of input ASCII file containing wavelengths

       -wout value, --wavelengthOut value
              list of wavelengths in output spectrum (-wout band1 -wout band2 ...)

       -interp type, --interp type
              type      of      interpolation       for       spectral       filtering       (see

       -wt type, --wavelet type
              wavelet   type:   daubechies,daubechies_centered,   haar,  haar_centered,  bspline,

       -wf family, --wf family
              wavelet         family         (vanishing         moment,         see          also

       -cut threshold, --cut threshold
              threshold to cut dwt coefficients.  Use 0 to keep all.

                                         05 January 2019                         pkfilterascii(1)