Provided by: pktools_2.6.7.6+ds-1build1_amd64 bug


       pkstatogr - program to calculate basic statistics from vector file


       pkstatogr -i input [options]


       pkstatogr  calculates  basic  statistics  on attributes of a vector file.  Examples of the
       basic  statistics  include:  minimum,  maximum,  median,  mean  and  standard   deviation.
       Histograms  (in  percentage  or absolute values) can also be calculated.  The attribute of
       interest can be selected using the option  -n|--fname.   Values  defined  by  the  -nodata
       option,  or not within the limits set by the options -src_min and -src_max are ignored for
       the statistics.


       -i filename, --input filename
              Input image file(s).  If input contains multiple images,  a  multi-band  output  is

       -ln layer, --lname layer
              Layer name(s) in sample (leave empty to select all)

       -n attribute, --fname attribute
              Fields on which to calculate statistics

       -nodata value, --nodata value
              Set nodata value(s)

       -src_min value, --src_min value
              Set minimum value for histogram

       -src_max value, --src_max value
              Set maximum value for histogram

       -s, --size
              Sample size (number of points)

       -mm, --minmax
              Calculate minimum and maximum value

       -min, --min
              Calculate minimum value

       -max, --max
              Calculate maximum value

       -mean, --mean
              Calculate mean

       -median, --median
              Calculate median

       -stdev, --stdev
              Calculate standard deviation

       -hist, --hist
              Calculate histogram

       -nbin value, --nbin value
              Number of bins to calculate histogram

       -rel, --relative
              Use percentiles for histogram to calculate histogram

       -kde, --kde
              Use  Kernel  ⟨⟩  density  estimation
              when producing histogram.  The standard deviation is estimated based on Silverman's
              rule of thumb

       -v level, --verbose level
              Verbose level


       report histogram of values in FIELDID (to standard output)

       pkstatogr -i input.shp -f FIELDID -n 100

       report min, max, mean and standard deviation of values in FIELDID (to standard output)

       pkstatogr -i input.shp -f FIELDID -min -max -mean -stdev

                                         05 January 2019                             pkstatogr(1)