Provided by: plainbox_0.25-1_all bug


       plainbox-dev-crash - crash the application


          plainbox dev crash [-h] (-c | -H)


       Crash the application

       This command is designed to crash or hang the application.

       Using this command a developer can inspect the built-in development and debugging features
       available in Plainbox.  Specifically, there are several options available to the top-level
       plainbox  command  (they have to be used before the dev crash syntax) that allow to enable
       one of the following actions:

   Jumping Into PDB on Uncaught Exception
       If plainbox is invoked with the --pdb command line option then all uncaught exceptions are
       handled  by  starting  a  debugger  session. Using the debugger a developer can inspec the
       execution stack, including all the threads, local and global variables, etc..

   Jumping into PDB on KeyboardInterrupt
       If plainbox is invoked with both the --pdb and the --debug-interrupt command line  options
       then  a  KeyboardInterrupt  exception  is  not  ignored,  as it usually is, and instead it
       allowed to bubble up the command line  implementation  call  stack  until  it  starts  the
       interactive debugger session.


       Optional arguments:

       -c, --crash
              raise an exception

       -H, --hang
              hang the application with a busy loop


       A debugger session on exception:

          plainbox --pdb dev crash --crash

       A debugger session on keyboard interrupt:

          plainbox --pdb --debug-interrupt dev crash --hang


       plainbox-dev, plainbox, pdb3 (1)


       Zygmunt Krynicki & Checkbox Contributors


       2012-2014 Canonical Ltd