Provided by: plantuml_1.2018.13+ds-1_all bug


       plantuml - program to generate UML diagram from a text description


       plantuml [options] files/dirs...


       PlantUML is used to draw UML diagram, using a simple and human readable text description.

       Notice  that  graphviz  is  required  to  be  installed for generation of all diagrams but
       sequence diagrams.

       When files/directories are given, they are processed in batch mode. Otherwise  GUI  window
       appears.  It  allows  user to browse directories and view diagrams generated from suitable
       files (must have one of the following extensions: .txt, .tex, .java, .htm, .html, .c,  .h,

       You can use the following wildcards in files/dirs:

       *      means any characters but '/'

       ?      one and only one character but '/'

       **     means any characters (used to recurse through directories)


       -tsvg  Generate images using SVG format.

       -output dir, -o dir
              Generate images in the specified directory.

       -config file
              Read the provided config file before each diagram.

       -charset xxx
              Use a specific charset (default is UTF-8).

       -exclude pattern, -x pattern
              Exclude files that match the provided pattern.

              Retrieve PlantUML sources from PNG images.

              Display information about PlantUML and Java versions.

       -verbose, -v
              Have log information.

              NOT delete temporary files after process.

       -help, -h
              Display help message.

              Test the installation of graphviz.

       -graphvizdot path
              Specify dot path.

       -pipe, -p
              Use stdin for PlantUML source and stdout for PNG/SVG generation.

              Compute the encoded URL of a PlantUML source file.

              Retrieve the PlantUML source from an encoded URL.




       PlantUML was written by Arnaud Roques <>.

       This  manual  page  was  written by Ilya Paramonov <>, for the Debian
       project (and may be used by others).

                                          March 8, 2010                               PLANTUML(1)