Provided by: plasma-sdk_5.15.4-0ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       plasmoidviewer - Run Plasma widgets in their own window


       plasmoidviewer [-v, --version] [-c, --containmentname] [-a, --appletname] [-f,
                      --formfactorname] [-l, --locationname] [-x, --xPositionxPosition] [-y,
                      --yPositionyPosition] [-s, --sizewidthXheight] [-p, --pixmapcachesize] [-t,
                      --themename] [-h, --help] [args]


       plasmoidviewer is a graphical tool allowing developers to test Plasma applets.

       Only installed applets will be found.  kbuildsycoca5 may need to be run for
       newly-installed applets to be found.


       -v, --version
           Displays version information.

       -c, --containment name
           The name of the containment plugin.

       -a, --applet name
           The name of the applet plugin.

       -f, --formfactor name
           The formfactor to use (horizontal, vertical, mediacenter, planar or application).

       -l, --location name
           The location constraint to start the Containment with (floating, desktop, fullscreen,
           topedge, bottomedge, leftedge, rightedge).

       -x, --xPosition xPosition
           Set the x position of the plasmoidviewer on the Plasma desktop.

       -y, --yPosition yPosition
           Set the y position of the plasmoidviewer on the Plasma desktop.

       -s, --size widthXheight
           Set the window size of the plasmoidview.

       -p, --pixmapcache size
           The size in KB to set the pixmap cache to.

       -t, --theme name
           The name of the theme which the shell will use.

       -h, --help
           Displays this help.

           Data that should be passed to the applet as 'externalData' event.


       More detailed user documentation is available from help:/plasma-desktop (either enter this
       URL into Konqueror, or run khelpcenter help:/plasma-desktop).


       plasmoidviewer was written by Aaron Seigo <>.