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       plume-creator - open-source tool for novelists


       plume-creator [filename.plume | filename.plume_backup]


       Plume  Creator  helps  you to write your stories in chapters and scenes, write fullscreen,
       edit notes and synopses, export in html and odt formats, edit in  rich  text,  and  manage
       characters, places and items.


       The  first-run  of Plume Creator will require the user to select a language. A new project
       wizard will then assist in setting up your first writing project. It's a short and  simple
       process. When that is done, you will be shown a welcome dialog box.

       Then,  Plume  Creator  will  present  a  project selection dialog box. Double-clicking the
       project name works here and opens the main window with that project.


       You can find more information at

                                              0.66.1                             plume-creator(1)