Provided by: poc-streamer_0.4.2-4build1_amd64 bug


       poc-3119 - send RTP RFC 3119 MP3 streams


       poc-3119 [ -s address ] [ -p port ] [ -t ttl ] [ -q ] files...


       poc-3119  is a streaming server sending mp3 data using the RTP RFC 3119 protocol. It sends
       the files in the order given on the command-line.  Use  the  filename  -  to  stream  from
       standard input. Normally, RTP is used to stream to multicast groups.


       -s address
              Specify the address to send to (default

       -p port
              Specify the port to send to (default 1500).

       -t ttl Specify the TTL parameter to be set on outgoing parameters (default 1).

       -q     Don't output any information on standard error.


       poc-3119 -s -p 8989 -t 2 bla.mp3
              Send  the file bla.mp3 using the RTP RFC 3119 protocol to the address on
              port 8989, and set the TTL to 2.


       Manuel Odendahl <>, Florian Wesch <>

                                          February 2005                               POC-3119(1)